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DL-206 Intraoral Scanner

basic information
Product description



As the latest member of Launca DL-200 series, DL-206 is by far
the lightest, smallest, but also the most powerful powder-free
intraoral scanner we've ever made, it deliv­ers superior
dentist/patient satisfaction with enhanced scan accuracy,
ease of scan and intelligent functionality. DL-206 intraoral
scanner provides you with not only the easier entrance to
digital dental treatment workflow but also open data connection
to CAD/CAM platforms. Embrace the future of digital dentistry
and make the switch, starting now. 



Small Scanner 
DL-206 has made the scanner smaller than ever to provide a more
comfortable access to patient's m­outh, without compromising
on the scan efficiency.



Absolute Accuracy
Full Arch:60µm
Being compact and aerodynamic,
Launca DL-200 demands no effort to handle.
Transferable STL/PLY data make the system highly open 
and compatible. 
With broadened scan view and depth,
there is significantly reduced interruption during the practice.
Scan recovery is more intuitive now. And you can go back to
re-scan at any time.



High, Speed Scanning
DL-206 is capable of finishing an one-arch scan qui­ckly within
1 minute, saving both time and energy for dentists and patients.


Vivid Color Visualization
A specialized RGB camera gives you photorealistic color visualization
experience. By combining its co­lor information with the rich detail
and sharpness of the HD 3D camera, DL-206 can simultaneously capture
3D images in color with highly accurate 3D scanning. 

High Resolution Image 
To provide better scanning results and clearer teeth structure
information for dentist and technician, DL-206 has developed new
generation dual camera design that delivers complete 3D structure
of eve­rything in its field of view, even the steep angles,
hard-to-access areas.

20mm Scan Depth 
Higher scan depth enables perfect sharpness and outstanding precision
for deeper-lying indications


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